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Tournaments and leagues will take place on our discord server.

Tournaments Information

How to Join the Tournament?

It's yours the first time you sign up for the New Player role by joining our Discord server. Then, in order to hold the main role (Player) management, you must create a ticket through the (support-ticket) channel and write your e-mail address that runs the Player staff and is registered on our Website. you can win.

How Do I Earn VPS or Vp?

You can earn VPS from your performance matches by joining the special game rooms created by our moderator team on our discord server in the form of 5v5 and 1v1 matches, then you can transfer the game by converting your VPS score to VP points.


What Does VPS Mean?

It is called the score name on our VPS site.


What does vice president mean?

VP stands for valorant points.

What Does VPS Score Do?

The VPS score is your score on our website. You can reach it from the VP with the scores you see.

How does the system work?

You earn VPS by playing 1v1 or 5v5 matches on our Discord Server. You, your opponent, who has a degree in the game, can reach the match by leaving. The winner or team gets a 60% VPS prize,


If the VPS score you give for the game is 500, the 800 VPS points you use to watch the match are added to your VPS score on the site, completely eliminating all the sections that the winning team or person deposited.

5V5 Match Conditions

The minimum reward is 500 VPS per player. Lower amounts are not acceptable.

1v1 Match Conditions

The minimum reward is 250 VPS per player. Lower amounts are not acceptable.

How Does the Rank System Work?

All players are randomly matched. The balances of the people who are found to be cheating in the game are blocked and banned.

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