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Tournaments and leagues will take place on our discord server.

Information About Tournaments

Tournaments in the form of 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 5v5 matches are organized on our discord server, your matches are recorded by our professional Discord team and the players are randomly matched to prevent injustice.

The minimum entry amount to 1v1 matches is 100 VPS points.

Except for 1v1 matches and private matches, all matches can be entered with a minimum of 500 VPS points.

Our users who do not want to play a match can invest VPS points in the team they have determined and win.

No changes can be made once the match has started.

Our users, who do not play a match and invest in the team they have determined, can invest with a minimum of 500 VPS points.

If you win the match, you will gain 60% of the VPS points you entered.

In private matches, the winning rate may vary according to the amount of VPS points entered, at the rate of 70% 80%.

Earning rates have been determined according to the expenses of our Web Site, Discord Server, Moderator team in our matches.

Daily VPS points earning limit is 2500 VPS points. Our VIP members can earn up to 10000 VPS points daily.

You can get your VPS points as VP Code by using your points on the basket from the Get VP points section.

Bonuses VPS points that you do not buy and earn as paid, cannot be converted to VP code.

Tournaments Hours

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